Gousto vs Hello Fresh

VSIn case you haven’t heard of them, both these companies aim to make cooking fresh, healthy meals at home a breeze. Each week they send you a box full of meat, fresh produce, herbs, spices and all the little ‘bits’ for making 3 home cooked meals.

Everything you need, including the recipes, with no need to buy a whole tub of random things like ‘Chinese Five Spice’ when you know you only want 1tsp of the stuff. (Check out this Michael Mcintyre sketch about Chinese Five Spice!)

They both promise delicious meals in around 30 minutes with no fuss.

For the last few weeks I have been trying out boxes from both Gousto and Hello Fresh.

Both boxes contain 3 meals for 2 people, with Hello Fresh at £39 a week, and Gousto at £35 a week, this works out £13-14 per meal. This maybe a bit more than you typically spend on a a meal at home, but is considerably less than a meal out. (You can get great deals on your first box to try them out)

Here’s the key bits you need to know…..

Delivery (Outside of London)

You have a choice of delivery days – 2 options with Hello Fresh (DHL), 4 options with Gousto (Yodel). Meat comes well insulated with ice packs in a wool-lined pouch, so even if you are out all day food remains chilled. Drivers will leave in your safe place or with a neighbour if you are out. (And the chances are you will be out, as delivery is from 9am-6pm with no way to specify a smaller window.)


I’ve found the quality of produce from both companies to be excellent. The meat is sourced from their local farms, and veggies are organic. Everything has been as good or better than the quality of produce I would pick up myself in the supermarket. No limp lettuce here!


Without a doubt Gousto has a wider choice of meals available, with 10 to choose from each week. Hello Fresh has a more limited range. They pre select 3 meals for you, then they have 2 ‘classic favourites’ you can swap out with if you don’t like their choices.


I have found the Gousto recipes much easier to follow. Hello Fresh aim to ‘help you learn to cook’ so include measurements in their recipes. With Gousto they provide exactly the amount of each ingredient you need, so there are no leftovers, and no chance of getting it wrong.

I have also found the Gusto recipes easier in terms of the number of ingredients and complexity. I have also preferred the food from Gusto in general, but this may be due to the greater selection of recipes, as I was able to pick the dishes I really wanted.

Hidden Benefits

The benefits from both that I didn’t expect are how much time these boxes have saved me each week. Less time shopping, less time cooking, and less time spent looking in the fridge for inspiration of what to cook. (You can only eat so much chicken and broccoli!)

Also, I’ve been much less likely to slam the fridge door shut in frustration and call out for pizza!


Overall, I think both companies provide a great service, but Gousto wins for me due to the greater choice of recipes and ease of preparation.

If you want to give Gousto a try, with £20 off your first order, here’s my affiliate link 🙂







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