What do we give to Ando?

Ando was meant to be a Rotweiler.

We rescued him in Portugal when he was JUST 4 weeks old… just big enough to fit him in the palm of your hand.

He had the markings, jaw line, ears and back legs of a Rotti. So we thought he was gonna grow up to be a Rotweiler!

Thing is he’s never really grown in to the DOG we thought he’d be! He’s kinda like a mini Rotti

Don’t get me wrong, Sam and I love him to bits, he’s a cracking dog and definitely part of the family.

And like any family member we wanna take care of him. So much so we make sure he’s super healthy, feeding him high quality food with lots of nutrients… and supplementing him with Omega 3 fish oils!

He’s got a bit of a dodgy back hip, which gives him some jip on cold morning walks… so the fish oils reduces the inflammation in his joints, improves the condition of his fur and skin, ¬†and makes an already smart pooch just that little bit smarter too.

Now this may seem weird but we could buy the fish oils from the local “pets at home” store, but we don’t! Like the stuff you find in Boots and Holland & Barratt, it’s low quality crap!

Instead we give him our very own “Good Fats Formula“, which may be more pricey than the stuff you buy in the supermarket, but we know it’ll actually make a difference.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well the benefits Ando gets from taking Good Fats is just the same as us humans! But only if the quality is up to scratch, otherwise it’s pointless taking the an Omega 3 in the first place.

To get your Good Fats, we’ve got them on the website ready to be added to your next order.

Here’s the link:

Tim “Dog Lover” Goodwin

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