Does Fish Oil Make You Fat?

It’s a legitimate question right?

We’ve been ‘told’ for the last 40 years that Fat is bad, and consuming it is bad too…

But omega 3 fish oil is no ordinary fat. It has some ninja skills that will destroy every fat fact you thought you had.

One of those ninja skills is to do with insulin regulation.

Now before I lose you with nerdy science stuff, anything that can help your body better regulate your natural production of insulin will help you LOSE fat rather than gain it!

Cool huh!

It’s 2nd ninja skill is reducing inflammation in your body. Less inflammation, improved muscle tone, increased metabolism, more fat burning!

Double cool huh?

The 3rd ninja skill of the humble omega 3 is studies have shown it’s ability to lower cholesterol, and help reduce boy fat in obese individuals independent of exercise.

That’s a triple whammy of fat loss benefits, from a fat… talk about turning your thinking on it’s head. (and the reason we named our Omega 3 product ‘Good Fats’)

Of course we’d LOVE for you to buy our high potency Omega 3 product, “Good Fats Formula”

You can buy 1 tub for £24.99 that’ll last you a month

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Tim “triple whammy” Goodwin

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