Do You Have A Weekend Mentality ?

As the weekend approaches, I want you to answer honestly this question …

Do you ever notice yourself having a “during the week” mentality and a different “it’s the weekend” mentality ?

Isn’t it interesting how you can be so disciplined in your behaviour of how you eat, getting your training in, and planning your meals ? Then the weekend comes and it all goes out the window. This is common for many people, and I’ve been guilty of it myself.

Even those who aren’t trying to change their body set their alarm and are very disciplined about going to work, getting errands done, being productive and then the weekend comes and they laze around and over indulge in junk food.

This black and white, on and off behaviour is a habit and something that you can change. I’m not saying don’t give yourself some slack now and again. However, if you want to progress and are serious about your goals, you’ll control your weekends. If you want the physique of a pro or even something close you’ve got to behave like one.

So here are three tips to avoid the weekend mentality:

Tip One

Don’t sleep in so much that you end up missing your first meal. You’ll just set your day off on the wrong footing. If you need a lie in then, set your alarm, get up, have breakfast and go back to bed. But do not fall behind on your meals.

Tip Two

For most people, weekends are about friends and family. You can still socialise and live a balanced lifestyle but moderation is key. With good planning, you can limit the damage. For example, you could take your meals with you, choose places to eat in that you know serve healthy options or use handy portable meals like Sports Kitchen. I use these all the time especially when I travel.

Tip Three

Cheat meals are fine just make sure it’s one and don’t end up having 3-4 servings more than you should do. And I definitely would save your cheat meal for the weekend to make the most of it.

Give these a go and let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

Love Alexandra x

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