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The Healthy Salt Guide – Epsom – Part 3

By Alexandra Wilson | Apr 16, 2016

So here it is, the final instalment in my healthy salt guide and it’s on Epsom Salt. If you missed episodes 1 and 2 no probs, you can catch up by clicking the links below … Himalayan Salt – Part 1 Dead Sea Salt– Part 2 What Is Epsom Salt? Epsom Salt also known as…

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The Healthy Salt Guide – Dead Sea – Part 2

By Alexandra Wilson | Apr 14, 2016

Guys I hoped you enjoyed part 1 of my healthy salt guide on Himalayan Salt. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Today, as promised, I’m covering Dead Sea Salt, which as the name suggests is from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea borders Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. It’s a salt…

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How To Ditch Sugar And Not Feel S**T

By Alexandra Wilson | Mar 26, 2016

Hello sweetness It’s time we talked about the white stuff or legal crack as I call it. One of the most highly addictive, readily available and destructive substances around to our health. Sugar is the Holy Grail of fast energy and found in numerous foods. Without it what would we do? Of course, it won’t…

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Immune Booster Smoothie Recipe

By Alexandra Wilson | Oct 23, 2015

Not sure about you, but boy has I noticed how wintery it’s got. I seem to get up in the dark and go home in the dark. It’s cold, damp and the days are getting shorter. It’s a well-known fact that during the winter our energy, mood and general health take a dip, so we…

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Is Venison A Healthy Alternative To Traditional Meats ?

By Alexandra Wilson | Oct 16, 2015

Do you get bored with eating chicken and beef all the time ? I sure do. The good news is it’s game season here in the UK. And that means I’ve started adding variety to my grill with Venison. I was introduced to it by my ex-boyfriend a while ago, and I’ve never looked back.…

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Do You Have A Weekend Mentality ?

By Alexandra Wilson | Oct 8, 2015

As the weekend approaches, I want you to answer honestly this question … Do you ever notice yourself having a “during the week” mentality and a different “it’s the weekend” mentality ? Isn’t it interesting how you can be so disciplined in your behaviour of how you eat, getting your training in, and planning your…

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The Problem With Green Smoothies

By Samantha Goodwin | Aug 13, 2015

We’ve been getting great feedback from people receiving our ‘Smoothie a Day‘ emails. Everyone loves getting new ideas for delicious smoothies every day. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. So Tim said to me, “why not make a smoothie every day and post a photo of it to Instagram?” Houston we have…

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12 Gym Fails That Are Ruining Your Workout

By Alexandra Wilson | Aug 10, 2015

Hitting the gym and still not making progress ? This might be why … 1. Taking Your Mobile Leave it in the locker and if you need it for your music then put it on airplane mode. Eitherway, switch off the noise from the outside world and focus 100% on your workout. 2. Not Having…

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The Lunch Time Workout

By Alexandra Wilson | Aug 4, 2015

I have always believed that where there is a will there is indeed a way. As Marie Forleo says “everything is figureoutable”. So true ! Maybe training during your lunch hour isn’t ideal. However, if you are going to achieve a figure which makes you feel confidant and healthy then it might well be the…

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