Three Things You Do To Stop Your Bloating – That Actually Make It Worse

BeatTheBloatUgh. Bloating. If you’ve ever suffered from it, you’ll know how much this confidence-shattering, productivity-killing, sleep-depriving, agonisingly painful condition really sucks.

Naturally, people want to beat the bloat. And you’ll probably get all kinds of advice about how shift that horrible feeling. But here’s the thing about a lot of that advice – it’ll make things way, way worse.

So here are a couple of things we bet you’ve tried, and why they’re totally on the bloat’s side.

  1. Antacids. Yep. Page One of the anti-bloating handbook, and it’s wrong. At best, it’s a quick fix that doesn’t do anything to the root causes of the bloat. At worst, it can deprive the stomach of acids that it actually needs to process your food, leading to more pain and more antacids.
  1. High-fibre diets. We’re not dissing fibre – it feeds the good bacteria in your tummy and makes digestion easier. But bloating is often caused by bad bacteria, and fibre is an equal-opportunity feeder. So, if your bowels are packed with the bad kind it’ll make whatever gut health problems you have EVEN worse.
  1. Raw foods. Sorry to disappoint that annoying woman from your yoga class, but yes, raw food can be bad for bloating. The human digestive system isn’t designed to break down raw foods, and if you’re already suffering from bloating, your gut is working overtime anyway.

There we have it – three of the most popular remedies for bloating, totally working for the enemy.

But don’t despair! There are diet, lifestyle and supplement solutions that really do make it better. Learn the 5 Ss of beating the bloat!

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