Bulletproof Coffee & Coconut Oil – Burn Fat & Be Alert

A while ago I shared a blog with you on “2 Tips To START Your Day For Maximum Fat Loss” which were fasted cardio and fasted greens. If you haven’t read this yet, simply click here to catch up.

I promised at the end of that post I’d another simple yet effective tip to burn fat, increase focus, alertness and your energy. It’s great anytime but especially first thing/before training, and it involves coffee and coconut oil.

Weird I know, but bare with me as I give you the lowdown.

If you look on the shelves of any health or supplement store, they’re riddled with fat burners and pre-workouts making massive claims, but there can also be a lot of potential side effects such as headaches, the shakes, itchiness, and sweating.

I’m not anti them, but I do 100% feel there are other options that are natural, better for you, still deliver results, don’t have nasty side effects, and are way easier on the wallet.

Also, it’s easy to get hooked on this stuff. Over time your body will adjust, and its effect will diminish. Many folks will then up the dose or seek stronger alternatives in order to get the same hit.

In times of need, when I need a serious pick me up, these supplements do have a place and deliver results but do dread with caution.

As the first port of call, I’d recommend you try raw coconut oil in coffee.

Here’s why …

  • Organic coffee/coconut oil are natural, no artificial additives/chemicals
  • Coffee is a natural source of caffeine, increases energy, alertness, raises metabolism and therefore helps with weight loss
  • No energy high and then energy crash
  • Cheaper
  • Coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides):
    • These fats are absorbed quickly by the body for immediate energy
    • MCT’s enhance ketone production and have muscle sparing properties
    • MCT rich diets compared to LCT (long-chain triglycerides) have been shown to increase energy expenditure and metabolic rates
    • MCT rich diets have been shown to suppress appetite

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee & Coconut Oil

  • Add 1 tbsp organic coconut oil & 1 cup organic coffee to a blender
  • Blend for 5-10 seconds
  • Sip and enjoy your new found energy drink

If you like a bit of sweetness, try stevia, agave or another sweetener of choice. You can also add a little non-dairy milk if you want.

So the choice is yours … synthetic bought pre-workouts or a natural alternative?

For me, the potential to not only have more immediate and stable energy that’s not anxiety driven, and also to control hunger and appetite better makes bulletproof coffee a much healthier choice.

Surely it’s worth at least a test run?!

Do your research. Experiment. And decide if it’s right for you.

Love Alexandra x

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