12 Gym Fails That Are Ruining Your Workout

Hitting the gym and still not making progress ? This might be why …

1. Taking Your Mobile

Leave it in the locker and if you need it for your music then put it on airplane mode. Eitherway, switch off the noise from the outside world and focus 100% on your workout.

2. Not Having A Plan

You’ve heard the saying by Benjamin Franklin “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Not having a plan is like going out in a boat with no map on how to get to your destination !

3. Not Changing Your Routine

If you’ve not seen any results in month’s maybe even years it’s definitely time for a new strategy because the current one ain’t working. You should be changing or at least tweaking your programme every 4-6 weeks. This change can be volume, duration, intensity, rest periods etc but whatever it is it must create an overload effect on the body. It’s this overload that will give your body a wakeup call to adapt and improve.

4. Avoiding Free Weights

I know the weights section is dominated by men but they don’t bite. Thankfully, more and more women are picking up the iron. So get your bootie in there. Lifting weights will not bulk you up. As women we simply don’t have enough testosterone to. What you’ll achieve by building muscle is a perky butt, toned arms and firm thighs.

5. Lack Of Training Intensity

You’re at the gym so push yourself ! training hard will not only boost your metabolism in real time but also afterwards ! So get some intensity into your workouts whether pushing more weight, minimising rest periods, supersetting and so on. Your body adapts to stimulus, so stimulate it.

6. Not Applying Time Under Tension

The more time your muscles are under tension the more kcals you will burn so watch your training tempo. Your workout will be more intense and you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck !

7. Not Putting Your Mind In The Muscle

When you do any exercise make sure you feel and engage the muscles you want to stimulate. Really contract and squeeze them. You’ll burn way more kcals because your recruiting more muscles fibres. You’ll also improve your endurance, mind muscle connection and overall body awareness too ! 

8. Poor Technique 

Learn and practice good form from the get go. Not only does it minimise the chance of injuries but it will also ensure you get the most out of your gym time !   

9. Being A Cardio Addict 

It’s great that you’re being active but you’re not developing any shape. You’ve heard the term ‘skinny fat’ ? It’s someone who looks great when you see them in their clothes, but as soon as you spot them in a bikini, their body is soft ! If you want your figure to be tight then you need to include weights.

10. Not Eating Enough

This is a really common pitfall. Guys you need to fuel your body with sufficient nutrients to build and retain muscle. On a low calorie diet you may lose a few pounds but then your body will flick into starvation mode, and hold onto body fat as it doesn’t know when the famine is going to end. Insufficient calories will only put your body into a catabolic effect whereby you lose muscle which in turn lowers your metabolism.

 11. Not Taking A Post Workout Drink

You’ve trained hard in the gym. Atrophied the muscles and broken them down. If you don’t feed them with the right nutrients in the optimal time frame (30 mins of finishing your routine) your not going to reap the benefits. Your muscles will be primed and ready to suck up the nutrients to rebuild your muscles stronger and fuller. So get your shake in !

12. Inconsistency

The more consistant you are the quicker you will see results. Start with training maybe twice per week and build up from there. The key is just to do it, take one day at a time and stick at it !

I’ve definitely be guilty of 1, 9, 10 and 12. What about you ? also got any gym fails to add to the list ? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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