[Spooky Series] Who’s Your Favourite Vampire?

IMHO Vampire films these days are a bit lame!

That dude in the Twilight films is so wet, it’s no wonder he doesn’t get the girl for the first few films!

At least Keifer Sutherland was as hard as nails in “The Lost Boys“… probably the greatest Vampire movie of all time, with the best soundtrack too!

What I could never figure out with ‘The Lost Boys’ film is why are there SO MANY vampires in a sunny part of America?

Everyone knows vampires need to stay out of the sun.

Staying out of the sun creates some serious health issues… Your bones become thinner and more brittle, your teeth are not as strong, and your muscle tissue is not as strong!

Like those blood suckin’ vamps, you need some Vitamin D.

Vampires in the UK wouldn’t get much Vitamin D from their victims. It’s the 2nd biggest deficiency (after magnesium) we have in the UK.

Topping it up is essential for your health, especially during the coming autumn and winter months! One of the easiest ways is supplementing with our “Sunshine Formula

It’ll not help your skin colour, or protect you from a vampire attack this halloween… but it will keep you strong and healthy through the winter.

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Tim “Lost Boys, Fan Boy” Goodwin

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