Are you an Office Zombie?

I spent eight years as a zombie…

Before I retrained as one of those #CleanEatingKilljoys I spoke of yesterday (Personal Trainers), I was a career zombie.

I spent those eight years working in air conditioned hives, commonly known as an ‘office’.

My skin condition deteriorated, my nails became brittal, and it’s where I eventually lost all the hair from my head.

Fuelled by a constant thirst for the contents of the stained coffee pot, and lusting after the next chocolate bar to devour. My body really started to break down.

Shuffling to work each morning, stumbling about in a haze, moaning about anything and everything.

What was apparent, I was surrounded by zombies too. It’s a miracle any work, ever got done.

Thing is the solution was remarkably obvious.


If I consumed more vegetables, my body came back to life, I had colour in my face, strong nails and healthier hair (what was left of it)

If I’d know about greens back then, maybe I wouldn’t have failed so miserably to get promoted!

Most of our customers are recovering zombies… pounding their body with nutrients from vegetables every morning so they have energy, focus, and healthy skin, hairs and hair ready to attack their day of work.

I can’t guarantee it’ll get you a promotion, but it will make you feel like a BOSS

Tim “Cured Zombie” Goodwin

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