Why New Year is NOT The Time for Resolutions!

If you are planning on making New Years Resolutions here’s my advice……. DON”T! You won’t keep them. What’s worse is you make them knowing you aren’t going to keep them. Which perpetuates a cycle of not fulfilling promises you have made to yourself, and reinforces your belief that you can’t break old habits or create…

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Lose Weight By Sleeping More

Hello sleepy head In your opinion, what’s the best way to lose weight? Healthy eating? Weights? Cardio? If your answer includes any of the above, you’re spot on. But there’s one more … Sleep! Imagine that, you don’t have to lift a finger to burn fat. Pretty cool huh? I bet your confused and a…

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Do You Have A Weekend Mentality ?

As the weekend approaches, I want you to answer honestly this question … Do you ever notice yourself having a “during the week” mentality and a different “it’s the weekend” mentality ? Isn’t it interesting how you can be so disciplined in your behaviour of how you eat, getting your training in, and planning your…

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