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Why New Year is NOT The Time for Resolutions!

By Samantha Goodwin | Jan 1, 2017

If you are planning on making New Years Resolutions here’s my advice……. DON”T! You won’t keep them. What’s worse is you make them knowing you aren’t going to keep them. Which perpetuates a cycle of not fulfilling promises you have made to yourself, and reinforces your belief that you can’t break old habits or create…

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Lean Greens – Apple Watch Giveaway!

By Tim Goodwin | Dec 19, 2016

Instead of blowing their January Ad budget on some expensive “New Year, New You” ad campaign… Lean Greens decided to give away to one lucky person one of these awesome watches! To enter go to No purchase, no gimmicks or funny business, just a good old fashion contest Why are we giving away the amazing…

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No Life Plan? No Problem!

By Samantha Goodwin | Dec 14, 2016

I have lost track of how many journals, diaries and planners I have bought over the years. They always look so lovely in the shop. New and shiny and promising to sort my life out and get me on the fast track to ‘awesome’. All life planners these days seem to start off with a…

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Does Fish Oil Make You Fat?

By Tim Goodwin | Nov 18, 2016

It’s a legitimate question right? We’ve been ‘told’ for the last 40 years that Fat is bad, and consuming it is bad too… But omega 3 fish oil is no ordinary fat. It has some ninja skills that will destroy every fat fact you thought you had. One of those ninja skills is to do…

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[Spooky Series] Who’s Your Favourite Vampire?

By Tim Goodwin | Oct 28, 2016

IMHO Vampire films these days are a bit lame! That dude in the Twilight films is so wet, it’s no wonder he doesn’t get the girl for the first few films! At least Keifer Sutherland was as hard as nails in “The Lost Boys“… probably the greatest Vampire movie of all time, with the best…

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[Spooky Series] Is Your Boss A Psychopath?

By Tim Goodwin | Oct 28, 2016

My last boss was NOT an psycho… he was a MUPPET (which is more dangerous in my opinion). According to the book “Snakes In Suits” more than 7 percent of managers could be psychopathic. Fortunately they can be easier to spot than reenacting the shower scene from the film Psycho… Here’s how to spot them:…

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Are you an Office Zombie?

By Tim Goodwin | Oct 26, 2016

I spent eight years as a zombie… Before I retrained as one of those #CleanEatingKilljoys I spoke of yesterday (Personal Trainers), I was a career zombie. I spent those eight years working in air conditioned hives, commonly known as an ‘office’. My skin condition deteriorated, my nails became brittal, and it’s where I eventually lost all the…

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My Top 10 Strategies for Conquering a Meh-day

By Samantha Goodwin | Oct 24, 2016

We all have them. Even those people you think of as super heroes. Every now and again we have a day where we really can’t be arsed! Often these days see us doing stuff which is a total waste of time, which leaves us feeling even more ‘meh’ than we did to start with. Whatever…

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What do we give to Ando?

By Tim Goodwin | Oct 24, 2016

Ando was meant to be a Rotweiler. We rescued him in Portugal when he was JUST 4 weeks old… just big enough to fit him in the palm of your hand. He had the markings, jaw line, ears and back legs of a Rotti. So we thought he was gonna grow up to be a…

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